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Power to Go™ 

Lithium Ion Battery Booster

Model # P2G7B / Quick Start Guide/  Product Manual

Boost Dead Batteries from Inside Your Vehicle!

  • Included 12 Volt DC Plug: Plugs Directly into Car’s Accessory Outlet 

  • Included Battery clamps: Connect directly to vehicle’s battery

  • 2 Amp USB Port to power and charge smart phones, tablets, and other personal electronics

  • Built-In Emergency LED Light 

  • Reverse polarity warning to alert when there is an improper connection

  • Multi-Color Status Indicator 

  • All Metal Powder Coated Clamps 

  • Included AC charging adaptor

Large Engines: Works with Most V6 and V8 Engines

300 Amp Jump Starter

w/ USB Port

300 Amp Jump Starter

w/ LED Light

350 Amp Jump Starter

w/ LED Light

375 Amp Power Station w/ Compressor

Lithium ion Battery Booster

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