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900 Peak Amp Jump Starter/Portable Power Station 

Model # PPRH5B /  Product Manual&Warranty

  • Stand alone 500-watt power inverter with two 120-volt outlets to power small appliances and radios for up to 10 hours 

  • 1200 peak amps jump start most engines including V6s and V8s 

  • High output USB charging port and 12-volt DC outlet to recharge phones, tablets, and other devices anywhere on demand

  • 120 PSI air compressor with illuminated psi gauge to inflate tires with ease even in low-light conditions 

  • Powder coated heavy duty clamps with 4-gauge jumper cables tuck away when not in use 

  • Reverse polarity protection alarm sounds if jumper cables connected incorrectly

  • High intensity LED work lights conveniently located on the rear of the unit are ideal for roadside/emergency use, shines for up to 15 hours

  • LED status and charging indicators help you check power reserve at a glance 

  • Built-in 120-volt AC charger lets you recharge with standard household extension cord 

Jump Starters

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